In Vitro Fertilization

All the researchers are agree with the statement that infertility is growing in the industrialized countries. Young couples are the victim of this phenomenon and the women, subjecting to a hormonal treatment, live with a blue funk. In Italy medically assisted reproduction is allowed, and untill 9/4/21014 the Law 40/2004 has banned several assisted reproduction techniques: oocyte and sperm donation, using embryos for the scientific research purposes and reproductive cloning. Although Italian couples increase treatment for infertility in foreign countries, they suffer their problem into the silence, transforming their infertility in something of dishonorable, something to hide to the community because of a cultural, ethical and religious reticence. Today bill 40/2004 is considered uncostitutional.

(A special thanks to Centro Chemis, Associazione Luca Coscioni)